Events/teambuilding abroad

The need for strengthening the relations to the customers as well as attract and keep the best employees is larger than ever. Let CCMG help you in planning events that will motivate the participants and create loyalty to your company.

Teambuilding activities
Teambuilding is all about playing your way to knowledge and get challenged with the purpose of strengthening the employee’s cooperation and create results.

CCMG only cooperates with the best suppliers on the market that will create the best results for your company.

Below you will find a small selection of some of the activities we can help arranging in connection with your teambuilding activities. Give us a call or send an e-mail for more information.

Land Rover Trophy
Teambuilding based on the original Camel Trophy. Try your strength against Mother Nature and solve different tasks on the way. We will challenge your ability to cooperate, communicate and ingenuity seriously.

Water Action
An activity with some of the most fun activities: Power boating with 75 km per hour in our big 16-persons speedboat med 120 hk or a rubber boat regatta in small 8 persons rubber boats.

Mission Impossible
You are agents using slyness, tactic and technical ingenuity to secure the world peace. Adrenalin will rise when you have to break codes, shoot with pistols, dismount bombs, and interrogate suspects to solve the task before time runs out.

Extreme Adventure
The most spectacular activities on land, in the water and in the air. We offer flying with helicopters, jet ski, four wheeled motorbikes or powerful four wheel drivers in challenging surrounding – e.g. combined with cooperation exercises.

Save the World
Focus on creativity, communication, cooperation, sharing of knowledge and project control when you need to save the world. Climate changes and pollution threatens the existence and you need to find the right solutions – you have e.g. to build wind mills and establish a water power plant.